Compressed Air System

Compressing air could be an inefficient and expensive process if you do not choose the correct Compressed Air System. CSW Compressor provides the equipment and application that are tailored to the needs of your production.

Energy Saving

Many Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning systems were not designed with energy efficiency as one of the design factors. CSW Compressor encompasses the equipment and technology used in manufacturers to control the heating and cooling environment indoors.

Repair & Overhaul

Servicing and maintaining your air compressor are crucial and necessary actions to extending the lifespan of your equipment. We provide full coverage of warranty if customers perform the routine maintenance per manufacturer’s guidelines and recruit certified engineer or technician to carry out.

Rental & Leasing

Financing capital equipment is always a challenge. Did you know that you can increase your net profits by leasing a Mattei & Kaishan Air compressor? Now you can benefit with Mattei & Kaishan’s branded leasing program to acquire a new compressor or build an entire air system for your facility.

Piping Installation

Our extensive experience in the chemical, oil & gas and food processing industries allows us to work with our customers to develop the best piping solution. Pipes are manufactured to ASME B31.3 standards.

Chemical Cleaning

Industrial equipment chemical cleaning service is to optimize facility efficiencies and safety and protect worker health and safety.

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